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My last blog

This is my last blog.I even can’t believe that my life in Maastrichet University will come to an end soon.The final exam will come in two weeks.After the final,I will travel for several days in Europe and then back to my homeland.My emotion to this is so complex.On the one hand,the classes in UM is … Continue reading

Period 5 begins!

After two months’ tutorial,period 4 came to an end.Then it came to my first final in UM.As a student who is not major in Accounting,choosing all the courses related to Accounting is really a big challenge for me.Before coming to Maastrichet University,I heart about someone that the courses related to accounting and finance are the most … Continue reading

Colorful life in Maastricht

How time flies.I have been in Maastricht for over two months! I still remember the first days I was here.These memories seems like happened just several days before.When thinking about the truth that I have to leave Netherlands two months later,I feel sad and recognize that I should cherish everyday I stay here.   The … Continue reading

My first month in UM

I’m Shiqi Zhang.My home university is Shandong University located in the east of China. My home university was set up about a hundred years ago.It has a long history,and many famous person graduated from it over the century.It’s in a big city with many people living in it,so it is a little crowded.And it also … Continue reading