Crazy Travelling!

Hi guys, did you have a crazy Easter break and the holidays when you didn’t have to resit for any courses? I hope you did cos it was exactly my case there 😀

After travelling to Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium with my friends in March, my travelling plan came to a pause because of the exam. (sigh)

I stayed in Maastricht and studied for three whole days, and I knew I couldn’t complain that much since it was not that much, and I was so lucky that I had the exam on the first day of the exam period.

The exam format of Consumer Behavior was changed this period. There was no MC question and all the questions are essays. The questions were highly relevant to the literature, and to my surprise they asked a lot of the details of the experiments in the articles that we read. I could not remember all the tiny bits of details for I tried my best to recall everything. I finished my paper in 2 hours and could not bother to stay longer, since I would not be able to do much to boost my grades, I bet. :p

The results were out yesterday! The exam grade was not that impressive, but overall it was a pretty good grade. The most important thing was that, I passed!! That was all I needed.


So after the exam, I went to Marrakech in Morocco for 5 days. I met so many interesting people in the hostel and in the local tour. There were a bunch of Italians and German people there in Marrakech. I was probably the only Asian in the city since I did not see any other Asian at all during my stay. Everyone thought I was Japanese and greeted my with ‘Konnichiwa’, which I actually would not mind at all. 😀

The Sahara Desert was beautiful, and the camels were cute. The only thing was that I got a little bit ribbed off for the lunches during the tour, which was kind of expected, but still felt a little sad when I had to confront with it 😦

I had to travel there alone since all my friends were still having exams during that time. But solo travelling is definitely another interesting experience, especially when I was going to North Africa, a continent that I have never even thought I would go! XD

After Morocco I went to Munich, before I headed to Garmisch-Partenkirchen for a youth conference there. The Dachau concentration camp was amazing, the guided tour was only 3 euros and it was super, super informative, definitely worth a visit 😉

Garmisch was a very cosy and lovely town, where it offered some relaxing ambience for your stay. The conference was not as intensive as I thought, and I had a great time taking a break before I headed back to Maastricht for the reality — period 5.

The sad thing was I felt extremely sick when I was in Munich, blamed to be the greasy pork shoulder and the sausage in the food market ;(

After everything, I came here in Maastricht and prepared for my study. I am taking Strategic Management of Innovation and Technology, and Service Marketing this period. The workload would be a double of period 4 (in which I only took one course :p), but I hope I could cope with that!

My mom came visit me this week and I was soooo sooooo excited. We went to Rotterdam, Utrecht, Kinderijk, Brussels and Aachen. It was so much fun, and I skipped one tutorial to spend more time with my mom, which I thought was more than sensible to do so 😀 Family is always more important than anything, isn’t it? 😉

I just did the first facilitation for my Service Marketing last Friday, which went very well since my groupmates were so great and efficient!

Stay tuned~

What a lifestyle!

Hi guys,

It’s just too much fun here in Maastricht!

As I said before, I am only taking Consumer Behavior this period so the workload is not heavy at all. The second facilitation went well and all the tutorials had been enjoyable. I really appreciate PBL as it kind of makes me feel that I am really learning something, even though I forgot most of the things two days after the tutorial, haha! But at least I really need to wake up and listen to the questions in order to answer them and participate in the discussion. My class is a little bit more quiet and passive but it gets better as time goes on.

I will be taking 2 courses in period 5, and who knows, perhaps my impression on PBL will change after I am faced with a double amount of workload next month!

The course Consumer Behavior requires us to work on a project and conduct experiment. Me groupmates and I spent quite some time on that. And after working project, I found that the booking system of Maastricht University very user-friendly and easy to use. There are many choices of rooms that you could choose from, and you could easily change the booking or cancel it at anytime. It came to me as a surprise since the booking of classrooms are not available to individual students, but only to the student societies.

Talking about experiment, I joined two lab experiments by the SBE in March, and I earned quite a considerable amount of money in these experiments. They were interesting and, most importantly, rewarding XD.


Apart from study, I have been having a great time at the guesthouse. I have never gone for any parties simply because my time has been mostly occupied by cooking! The kitchen in M-building is simply too lovely for me to leave it alone! I have been cooking every day, all kinds of food including Chinese, Japanese, Italian food etc, and I was glad that my floormates liked the food I prepared when I shared with them!

I was also invited to an international cuisine gathering on the 4th floor, in which everyone prepared their home cuisine and shared the food among the floor like a mini buffet. Well, it was not really a ‘mini’ bufffet, there was more than enough to feed all of our stomachs. 😀

The only thing I would like to complain is, the weather :(. This month has been quite rainy and most of the time I missed the sun shining through the windows into my cosy bedroom.

But what lifted up my mood was that I went to Barcelona, Porto and Lisbon recently! I skipped one tutorial, which was simply inevitable if I wanted to go on a 5-day trip, and met my friend in Barcelona. We would have a little more fun in Maastricht, Liege and Luxembourg afterwards, before I am locked in my room for the preparation of the exams.

And yeah, I am kind of worried about the exam now since I have no idea how it is going to be like. But our tutor helped us request some practice questions of the exams, which helped relieve my nerves a little bit!

Looking forward to the resit break after the exam, in which I will travel to Morocco and Munich!

Stay tuned!

The arrival of a ‘city kid’

After travelling for more than 9,000 km in the air, I finally arrived at the gateway to Europe – Holland. Why did I choose Holland? Convenient and affordable! But why Maastricht? Cuz there are too many people in Hong Kong :p.

By the way, my name is Thomas 🙂 Nice to meet you.

Thanks to my friend who just finished her exchange here in Maastricht, I managed to get an NS group ticket to travel from Schiphol Airport to Maastricht, which is equivalent to a 70% discount of a single ride tickets. [25.80 eur –> 7 eur (^-^)y ] What amazed me was the proximity between the arrival hall of the airport and the train station, it took me only one escalator to make it there.

I reserved a single room in M-Building of the guesthouse, and it made my day when I saw how nicely it was furnished. It was spacious and tidy, and the kitchen was awesome. Being such a foodie, I could not help to try out the oven and the cooking utensils on the second morning. It was perfect 😀

I arrived on 15 January, which was a bit too early for the pickup service and everything wonderful in the arrival week, such a pity. Luckily, I have made a friend online that helped me survive in Maastricht, Mia Belvedere. I have never met this him/her? in person, but he/she has been super helpful in answering my questions. He/she is patient and speedy, I do recommend newbies to reach out to him/her.

The peeps from the ISN has been very nice to me as well! I got a free SIM card on first Monday I spent in Maastricht, and got internet data after purchasing online. The president of ISN was so kind that she helped me make an online payment for another NS group ticket, since I would be travelling to London through Eindhoven Airport.

I met my buddy, Sarafina before I travelled to the UK, she brought me to Cato Cato for a pasta box. It was so good that I went there twice after I came back from London. I do recommend people to join the My Buddy program, which helped a lot for you to meet some more wonderful people here in Maastricht! (with a higher chance to meet German than Dutch haha).

After I came back from London, I joined the Dutch dinner with tons of mashed potatoes in my plate. XD The Orientation Days organized by SBE were informative, they would be more wonderful if the people in my group were a little more talkative.

I had my first facilitation after the Carnival Week, during which I went to Sweden. The tutor, Leticia, was very nice and friendly. She was one of the few tutors I have met in my life who had a smile on her most of the time, tutors usually did not smile back in Hong Kong. I only registered one course, Consumer Behavior, in period 4, since there was nothing more than this for me to transfer the credit back to Hong Kong. It was quite doable, and my groupmates were very efficient. We only spent one afternoon to prepare everything since everyone was out during the Carnival Week.

There is always room for improvement but the first facilitation went smooth, at least that’s what I thought, haha. It was not as hard as I expected and I did enjoy preparing and facilitating the tutorial. So far so good!