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Crazy Travelling!

Hi guys, did you have a crazy Easter break and the holidays when you didn’t have to resit for any courses? I hope you did cos it was exactly my case there 😀 After travelling to Spain, Portugal, Luxembourg and Belgium with my friends in March, my travelling plan came to a pause because of … Continue reading

What a lifestyle!

Hi guys, It’s just too much fun here in Maastricht! As I said before, I am only taking Consumer Behavior this period so the workload is not heavy at all. The second facilitation went well and all the tutorials had been enjoyable. I really appreciate PBL as it kind of makes me feel that I … Continue reading

The arrival of a ‘city kid’

After travelling for more than 9,000 km in the air, I finally arrived at the gateway to Europe – Holland. Why did I choose Holland? Convenient and affordable! But why Maastricht? Cuz there are too many people in Hong Kong :p. By the way, my name is Thomas 🙂 Nice to meet you. Thanks to … Continue reading