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Summer is coming

Time is flying so fast, summer is already here! What are the takeaways of my exchange? First of all, I would say that I definitely improved my level of English. The Problem Based Learning (PBL) System is the best way to improve your English level quickly! The readings you have to prepare every week, the presentations you … Continue reading

Discovering Europe!

How not to travel when living in the center of Europe? That’s impossible! Which brings up the following question: Where to travel close to Maastricht? A lot of options are available to you: The Netherlands, Germany or even Belgium. The Netherlands The beautiful Netherlands is full of gorgeous places to visit: Eindhoven, Utrecht, Nijmegen, Gouda, … Continue reading

The Dutch Culture

It’s been two months now since I arrived in Maastricht…time is running out so fast ! During my first experience with the Dutch Culture I was amazed by everything I got to see. The beauty and the adorableness of Maastricht took my breath away. Maastricht – The pleasing city The Netherlands is divided in twelve … Continue reading

Cultural Shock

MAASTRICHT IN BRIEF Welcome in the Netherlands ! The country known for its tulip fields and its windmills. Some of you might remember the Maastricht treaty from your history class. But you certainly have your own reasons for coming to Maastricht. Located in the very center in Europe, it’s the perfect city for travel lovers. … Continue reading