This time, I would put more words on people here, in Maastricht 😀

One thing left a deep impression on me is the nice people here. When I feel lonely or homesick, there are always friends who can accompany with me and give me strength. Let’s start from the study group teammate.

She is a girl from Austria called Anna.We are in the same group to have discussion and do the presentation. When i feel confused about the problems, she always helps me to deal with them. Before I started my first presentation, I felt a little nervous and she encouraged me a lot to relax myself. With her encouragement, I did well in my first presentation:P Also sometimes, when I can not express myself well in English, she often helps me to explain it to others.

The second people I want to talk about here is also a girl from Latvia called Elina. She always invites me to take part some activities that make my life here colorful. Once she took me to the fort to feel the real nature and the beautiful view. I felt comfortable and relax when walking in the forest and breathing the fresh air. After that, we had dinner together in a Turkish restaurant. And I had a jazz concert to watch that night but I did not know how to get that place. She led me to there although it is far from where she lived.

The third people here is an old lady. It was a rainy day and I was on my way to have a party. Unfortunately, I got lost. She led me to the right way although she had something to do that time. May it is just a simple thing, but for me, I am really moved by her kindness.

About study here, I felt better about the PBL sessions.

Although there are always a lot of papers to read before the class and most of time, you have to learn yourself. You can learn things better and remember the knowledge well. You can explore the subjects yourself and that is always make you to discover questions and try to solve them. For me, I have a course called produce and production management.

Since my major is economics, so there seems a bit hard for me to remember the completely new term about operation management. But once you learn it yourself and study hard on it, nothing can stop you from learning new skills and fulfill yourself.

Besides study, I also traveled with my friends this month such as Luxemberg, Rottemdam and so on. And this weekend I went to play pool with my another three friends from Portland, Belgium and Turkey. Since we were all green birds on pool, we decided to have teamwork. I played with my Turkish friend and the best part was we won the game 🙂

Here I want to say THANK YOU to my friends! Because of yours help, I feel that Maastricht is like my second family. especially every time I travel from the other places.

You never know what is it if you do not live it. I like to accept new things and experience different culture. Sometimes, It may be difficult to deal with completely new things and you may feel upset about the failure. But once you do it yourself successfully, you will really take proud of your self and that will be a treasure in your whole life.

So every one should believe in yourself and be good to your friends. You can help each other to overcome difficulties together and enjoy a great time 🙂

Start New Life In Maastricht University

I still remember the first day I came here—Maastricht—a beautiful and quite city.It took me about 10 hours to arrive in Netherlands from China by flight, together with another three girls from the same home university.We were picked up by regular students from UM and the pick-up service was really nice.After we finished registering the guesthouse, students there driven us to the guesthouse and made a short brief of the room.I was quite keen on the new life here!

After I arranged all the things well, my buddy Julien, a Belgium boy, came to meet me and we took a city tour together.He is really a nice person and he told me the way to SBE and made an brief introduction of buildings there, such as music hall, library, cafe shops and so on. After that, he showed me some places where I could find something to eat and even the Chinese restaurant. He also suggested me buying a bike and he said that if I had one, he then could show me the whole city:)

When comes to the introduction day, I have to say I am really a lucky girl:P I got to know a Chinese girl who studied in Australia on the introduction day since we were assigned in the same group when visiting the university. Her English was quite good and she helped me a lot about life and study, just like an big sister. And she was also good at socializing.She would invite me to grab a coffee with some international friends and under her help, I felt more confident to talk to people from different countries.And also our mentor in group 9 on the introduction day was a good girl who took us to learn more about the city and explained the PBL session for us.I definitely sure that I had fallen in love with this lovely city, Maastricht.

FB_IMG_1422993248354(on introduction day)

Next thing can not be leaved out is the course here which makes me feel a little bit stressful since I need to read a lot of materials before class and the most important thing, get used to the completely English spoken environment.But I have faith in myself as I am the person who will perform better under pressure. Now, I feel much better about the discussion with other students and the problem solved ability.

Besides class, I also join some activities to learn more about the local life and people here. For example, last week I joined a volunteer team to help a kindergarten to do some gardening and childcare. It was my first time to do the gardening and at the same time I attained some knowledge about it. Like why to mix soil and sand together and what was the proportion of the mixture and so on. It was interesting:p What impressed me most until now was the big festival-carnival in Maastricht. People here dressed up and drunk beers to celebrate this crazy day. It was still hard to believe that some beautiful consumes were made by people themselves. They must be genius! On Monday, I spent the whole day in Koln experiencing the colorful carnival and met a lot of interesting guys who dressed themselves in various characters they wanted to be. I was attracted by the wonderful music and enthusiastic people here.

20150215_132924 img1424091222432

About my personal life, I keep doing the plan everyday to make my life meaningful as well as wonderful. Study, health and hobbies are the three things I consider the most important during my whole life. That’s why I keep reading and jogging and practicing drums everyday. Like UM says”learning in learning”. Always being a creative man and taking reflections everyday to make progress!