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Final Thoughts before Farewell

It’s really unfair how fast time seems to pass when you’re enjoying yourself; it feels like yesterday that I first arrived in Maastricht, and now, I’m on the verge of leaving. It’s been a great exchange experience, one that’s far exceeded my expectations and one that I will remember fondly forever. It’s very difficult to … Continue reading

The Travails of Travelling

As I have about a month left in Maastricht, I’ve been focusing on how to make the most out of it. There’s always the temptation to take part in more activities, to spend even more time with the friends I’ve made here, and to try more types of food. However, one urge I’ve felt in … Continue reading

Academic Life at Maastricht University

Hi! I’d been here for only about three to four weeks when I wrote my first post, which was therefore largely about my arrival at Maastricht, my orientation experience and about settling in. Now that it’s my eighth week here (time flies!) and given that Period 1 has just ended, I think it would be … Continue reading

My First Month at Maastricht

Hi! I’m Tanuj from Singapore Management University, and this my first post about my exchange programme experience at Maastricht. I’ve been here for almost four weeks, and it’s been really interesting so far. I understand this blog is essentially for prospective SBE students/applicants, so aside from keeping it to three main sections for each post, … Continue reading