The one with the end coming


Hello again! Unfortunatly this will be one of my last posts since I’m going back to Portugal in the end of January 😦

Since the last time I wrote I went to Budapest and it was one of my favorite trips so far! I was not lucky with the weather but that didn’t stop me from enjoying the city. I would definitly recommend you to go to the bath terms, having a brunch in the city, go to the christmas market and try the typical deserts!

Now is one of the most wonderfull time in Maastricht! It’s Christmas time!! And the christmas market couldn’t be more beautiful! Yesterday I went ice skating and it was really nice! I recommend you to buy a package on social deal that costs 10 euros and you can do a lot of things in the market for a cheaper price!

Now the exams are coming and the cold is arriving so we need to start studying but I will be back in January with my travellings and all!

Hope to see you soon!


Catarina Pimenta


The one with the turism

Hello again! 2 months and a half have passed since I’m living in this incredible city. Since the last time I did my exam at Meec which was quite terrifying because the place where you do the exam is huge and could fit i think almost 600 people at the same time, but if you are prepared it will be fine 🙂

My boyfriend came to vistit so I decided to be a turist in my own city and went to visit the Fort Sin Pierre and the caves in Maastricht. It costs around 10 euros and I think is is worth the visit, not only because it’s beautiful, but also because you get to know a part of the history of Maastricht.

I also went to London to watch a football game of my team in Portugal, Sporting CP, that played against Arsenal, in the Emirates. I went with some friends and it was so much fun! The flights are cheap from Cologne and from Eindhoven so if you have the opportunity visit this city!


I visited Cologne when I went there to catch my flight to London and I think the city is nice and has a beautiful cathedral but it´s quite small.

20181107_161604_resizedToday is 11 of November and it´s the day Maastricht celebrates the first day of carnival!

Everyone goes to the Vrijthof and dances, eats and drinks. If you are in Maastricht in this day don´t miss this event!

See you in the next post! 🙂


The one with the trips and exams

Hi there!

1 month and a half have passed since I’m living in Maastricht! Since the last time I posted I went to the Oktoberfest in Munique, Aia and Amesterdam for my birthday! It has been an amazing journey and I’m learning so much!

I went to Oktoberfest in the last weekend of September. Me and my friends decided to rent a car in Aachen and drive for 5 hours to Munique since this option was the cheapest we could find 🙂 If you are studying in Maastricht or any place near Germany this is an experience you shouldn’t miss! It was a sunny day and the festival was crowded because of that and it took a lot of time to get into a tent to eat and taste the beer. But the atmosphere of the festival is really awesome! The fact that everyone is dressed properly it’s really fun! So my advice is if you have the opportunity go to the Oktoberfest you should go because probably is once in a lifetime!



My parents decided to visit me for my Birthday so we went to Aia and Amsterdam! It was a really fun day and the weather was great! In Amesterdam we did a boat trip around the city that costs more or less 13 euros and I think it is worth it! We also wanted to go to Anne Frank museum but you need to book it with like one month in advance so Icouldn’t go.




Now the travelling needs to stop for a while because this is exam week!

A month and a half gone and I feel like now I’m really used to the PBL and it’s getting easier to particpate and get better grades. The exams are coming and I’m a bit nervous because I chose a course that is doing exam for the first time (Operations Management) so I’m a little bit scared of what’s coming! Wish me luck!

If you want a spot to study in the library in the exam week you better wake up early and run because I’ve never seen a place to study so full!

I hope for the next post to have a lot more trips to share with you!

See you next time 🙂

The one with the adjustment

Hi! My name is Catarina I’m 19 years old and I’m from Portugal, Lisbon. I’m currently in the third year of my bachelor in business and administration at Católica Lisbon SBE.

My experience started 2 weeks and a half ago. I arrived at Brussels airport (Zaventem) and took a flixbus to Maastricht because, even though it required waiting a few hours at the airport for it, it was much cheaper (7€) and easier than taking the train. I came to Maastricht alone, but at the brussels airport met some girls that were also coming to Maastricht on their Erasmus experience, so we took the bus together. When I arrived at the Maastricht station I took the Minivan of ISN to the guesthouse where I was staying, as I signed up for their free pick-up service! If you arrive at the introduction week you should use this service!

Housing in Maastricht

I live in the M building which is located in the GuestHouse. I live in a shared room with a toilet inside. I really like my floor, I think you have everything you need and the building was renewed 3 years ago so the conditions are really good. Be prepared to have a lot of parties and a messy kitchen! If you want to live in the guesthouse you can choose between 3 Buildings, C, P and M and the main differences are the parts of the habitation you share. I was really hesitant between going to a house or the guesthouse but I opted for the guesthouse because i was only staying for 5 months and in this place there is always something going on.

First week of PBL system

As you probably know Maastricht University uses the PBL system (Problem Based Learning). At my home university we use the regular system with lectures and some practical classes which is totally different. I was a bit nervous about my first tutorials because i didn´t really knew what to do and expect, but I guess you will be fine because you get used to it really quick. The only downside of the PBL is the amount of work and reading you need to do during the week, but if you organize you schedule well you will have time to study, party and travell a lot!

Trip 1 – Rotterdam

In my second week here, me and my friends decided to go to Rotterdam. If you are travelling with a group (4 minimum, 10 maximum) the cheapest way to travel around Netherlands is the GroupTicket that you can buy online at the website, it will be between 6€ and 7€.

We stayed the nigth at a hostel but i think that you can do a one day trip and you will see everything.

Tips of the month

    • Students Service Center -As the PBL demands a lot of work the library is always full so i always study at Students Service Center. They have some rooms to study, a printer and a really nice cafe (Coffee Lovers) and usually is not full so it´s a nice alternative to the library.
    • 39928564_529255794188224_2086817635777094761_nSwapfiets

– One of the first things you should do when you get to Maastricht is to get a bike! I rented one to Swapfiets for 12€ a month and i think this is the best option if you are only staying for a short period of time.

  • Action – This is THE store you need to know! It’s basically a store where you can find almost everything you will need (bedsheets, kitchen essencials, notebooks, etc) with the cheapest prices!


I hope my post helped you in some way! See you soon,