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The end is in sight…

Hello readers!   It is crazy to think that this is my final blog that I’ll be writing for you! this means, as the title suggests, that the end is in sight… I’m not so sure how to feel about this! We just have a few weeks left here in Maastricht, and then exchange is … Continue reading

Period 5 begins!

Hi again everyone! We are now in week 2 of period 5, which means we are well over half way through exchange! I just travelled to Paris and Amsterdam with my parents over the break. Paris was amazing, we visited many tourist sites, ate great food and croissants, and overall had a great time. I … Continue reading

Almost half way!

Hello again! As the title of this blog suggests, I am almost half way through my exchange program here in Maastricht. Exams are soon approaching, and then we will be done with period 4! It is unbelievable that we have been in Maastricht for almost two months now – time really flies! General Things: I … Continue reading

The first few weeks

Hello! My name is Sonali. I study at the University of Sydney, Australia. I’ve been in Maastricht for almost a month now, and I am glad to say that I really love this beautiful little city! From the cute cafes, great shopping, amazing student life, friends, and much more! Before I arrived in Maastricht and whilst … Continue reading