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Big Hugs!

It truly is bitter sweet as I start writing this last blog post. There’s so much I have experienced and so many different ways I have grown within the 4 months of my exchange program. Let me share with you some of my personal favorite moments! My biggest achievement during my stay here in Maastricht … Continue reading

Great Spots in Maastricht

Hey guys, how’s everything going in the past month? I can’t believe my exchange life in Maastricht is almost coming to an end!!! I love this little town so much, and started to feel bad not exploring it enough … Since we’ve been here for a couple months, there are some cool places in the … Continue reading

School life- Course, Classmates, Exams

Hi guys, how’s life! This time, I would like to talk about the course, classmates and the exams to make you know more about UM school life! [Course] You will have to register the courses before hand , and keep in mind to check the “availability ” if you prefer not having evening courses. _I didn’t … Continue reading

Examens, as the Dutch would say it

The halfway mark of my journey as an exchange student was appropriately signified by Period 1 exams. A rather hard-hitting mark I’d say. It’s been a crazy and fun ride so far but in order to move on, I need to ace this b**ch! As you can see from the picture above, the exams took … Continue reading

School life- orientation day!

Hey guys, it’s been a month, how’s everyone? Today I would like to share with you my school life. In the first week, there’s a two-day compulsory orientation which I thought pretty helpful and a good opportunity to make friends. I got an orange bag and an envelope filling with all the useful information! In … Continue reading


So.. It has been 2 months since i’ve arrived here in Maastricht, and we are on the 7th week of the first period! And sadly….. ITS EXAMS NEXT WEEK D: I am currently sitting at the library, and it is fully packed with people!! Be sure to pay attention during orientation when your group leader … Continue reading

Hello Europe, hello Maastricht!!

My name is Jasmine, an exchange student from Cheng Chi University, Taiwan. I am so glad to share to you all my journeys in UM! Maastricht is an amazing little town, it has historical sites, and also if you are a fashion lover, tones of shops that you can choose from. Let’s see how I spent … Continue reading

My first week in Maastricht

I am an international student studying International Business and Human Resources & Management at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. Being a senior in college, I’ve spent 3 years away from my home in Malaysia. The idea of studying abroad was not alien to me, but Europe surely was. Finding out that I am the only Fall … Continue reading