Super fun happy times

Hello everyone!

I haven’t had time to write anything for a long time, but this time it was not the workload that held me back but the huge amount of fun I had! 🙂

I was first visited by a good friend from my home university, and we spent some chill days together: we watched films, we talked, and kept stuffing stroopwaffels in our mouths (of course).

Then, after she left, one of my oldest friend from Hungary came to fill her place right away. She stayed for a bit longer so we had the chance not only to discover Maastricht, but to go to Aachen as well (which is a beautiful city and totally worth a visit, btw). We also went to the Winter Vodka Land party, which seemed as a very good decision at the time (free vodka shots), but had its downfalls (let’s just say that cobble stones and bicycles were involved).

After this, I had a few days to relax during which I participated in the Innovator’s Challenge during the Global Entrepreneurship Week in Maastricht. This event caught my interest because this time, the participants had the chance to work with the Forza Fashion House, and well, give me an empty wardrobe and I’ll fill it. But all jokes aside, it was a nice opportunity to try myself out in something I haven’t done before, meet new people, and make some use of the squishy pink thingy taking up the place in my head. Anyway, it was a nice experience and HARD work. After the exact challenge was presented (ideas for a new creative hub in Maastricht for designers and a sales platform), we had a few hours to work on the project, with some short mentoring sessions in between. there was hardly any time for a break and long story short, we were all pretty pooped by the time we presented our ideas. Even though we didn’t win it was a fun thing to do and I would definitely do something like this again, and I advise all of you to keep an eye out for similar challenges.

Then, my parents and my brother visited (which was super great since I haven’t seen them since August and I missed them so much), so naturally I allowed them to spoil me a little bit with a bit of shopping and nice food. 🙂 Also, I mentioned to my mom that I would like het to bring me some type of Hungarian snacks so naturally, I ended up with two big home-made spicy sausages, two types of cakes, salty snacks made by my grandma, some home-made soup sticks, Hungarian paprika for seasoning, a ton of chocolate, and two bags of the snack I asked for. I love my family.

I promise to post about my new courses next week (4 weeks into the period, just in time). By the way, I passed all my exams, I got a mediocre 6.5 for my Strategic Marketing which was disappointing considering the amount of work I put in the course, but then I had a phenomenal 9.5 for Birthing New Ventures and life was good again.

So, thanks for reading and see you next time!



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