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Summary of a Lifelong Memory

Dear Reader, To sum up exchange in one word, it would have to be “unique.” This is because no two people will have the same experience abroad. It is dependent on the individual with regards to what they want to get out of exchange, whether you go on exchange having planned every trip in advance … Continue reading

The Need To Get Out

Dear Reader, Exams at Maastricht became an experience in itself. I remember looking at the amount of material that we had covered in just two months and asked myself, “How am I going to remember all of this?” I remember the study sessions where students would stress out together the day before the exam wondering … Continue reading

Tips, Trips, and Tricks

Dear reader, What I forgot to touch on last time was probably the most important point. I recently received a letter stating that I could risk deportation if I do not follow through with providing the proper documents. It seemed scary at first but it was all a misunderstanding. I am here to make sure … Continue reading

The Start of a New Journey

Hello to the reader, My name is Erik Sultmanis and I am 20 years of age. I am a Queen’s University student from Canada. For exchange I will be at the SBE (School of Business and Economics) faculty studying brand management and globalization debate in the first period. I became interested in Maastricht University when … Continue reading