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Vaarwel (Farewell)

Today is the day. We all woke up early, made pancakes, and chatted, but the mood was solemn. The first person in our corridor was leaving. Up until this point leaving seemed unreal. We had our last International Tuesday, our Farwell Party, our commemoration video, but now as our first friend stepped into a cab … Continue reading

Last One

I am not sure how this has happened but this is my last blog post to you all. I will also do a short goodbye post, but this is the last time I will write to you about my travels. In the last few weeks I have been to Friesland, The Hague/ Scheveningen, Prague, Amsterdam … Continue reading


Here are some photos from my last few weeks! The next post will have more info on all these places, but I realized my posts are very text heavy so I am going to leave you with this: Friesleand  Canal Friesland Flag My local tour guides of Friesland, my moms aunt and uncle 🙂 Coast … Continue reading

Travels & PBL System

The finals induced hibernation period has begun. I write to you as my  notes sit in a corner not being studied. The update: Life here picks up fast. Because each period is only 7 weeks long classes go really fast, (more on that boring subject under “The PBL system”). Almost every weeknight there is a … Continue reading

Pre-Arrival & First Thoughts

Hi guys! I am Carly Kanwisher. I am from Atlanta, Georgia and I am currently a junior at the University of Georgia studying Management and Information Systems. In my spare time I enjoy swimming competitively and reading. I am really excited to spend the semester in Maastricht and to write about my experiences here. I … Continue reading