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so long, farewell

I never thought this day would come, or at least, I thought this day would be a long time in coming, but Period 5 is coming to an end, and so at last, is my stay in Maastricht. I realise I have not really written at all about the other cities in the Netherlands, so … Continue reading

The start of spring & Period 5

Dear readers, time really flies when you’re having fun, and already it is coming to the end of April! I can’t believe how much time has passed— it seems like only yesterday I was just arriving in Maastricht. I’ve had a lot of fun both in Maastricht and out since I last wrote— I went … Continue reading

the life and times in Maastricht

Hello one, hello all 🙂 I’m back to give you guys more updates on my life here in Maastricht. First things first— I can finally find my way around, which is a GREAT RELIEF given that I’m super prone to getting lost and cannot for the life of me read maps. Maastricht has lots of … Continue reading

The first 2 weeks in Maastricht :)

Hello everyone 🙂 my name is Charis, and I’m from Singapore Management University in (if it’s not obvious by now) Singapore! I’m here at SBE on exchange for one semester, and I hope to share my thoughts and experiences of my time in Maastricht with all you lovely people. Maastricht is truly a beautiful city— … Continue reading