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I don’t want to say goodbye.

A few days ago, I said my first goodbye. That was not fun. Being cheesy by nature, I gifted my good friend a sentimental message written in a mutually appreciated novel with a polaroid we took together on the last day. With only two weeks left until the end of semester – for some, even … Continue reading

Without warning.

It’s already May!!! How? When? What?? The month of April has been full of surprises making it all the more exciting. 5 cities in 3.5 days. Making the most of Maastricht’s central location, a few of us rented a car and road-tripped our way down south (shout-out to enterprise rent-a-car). Fully prepared with pillows, fruits and … Continue reading

Spring is coming.

End of March 2017. As I predicted, this semester has gone by way too quickly for my liking. I am almost half way through and I have barely had a breather to reflect on everything that has happened. Partially why I’m glad I signed up to write this blog even though it’s a week before … Continue reading

Not just a small town.

It has only been a month of living in this quaint little town and it has removed all doubts about my choice of exchange destination. At first, I was worried about the notorious gloomy weather and how fun the city would be. But, despite it’s small size, Maastricht truly has so much to offer.   … Continue reading