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Visiting Paris as a broke student

I’ll admit that blog posts are much easier to write once I’ve put on my adventure hat on and started the reconnaissance mission for my next trip. The last few weeks have been an endless series of trains and sights, beginning from Kingsday in Amsterdam and Leiden. I was lucky enough to have a friend on … Continue reading

Starting fresh

Period 4 break While other business kids were on holidays to Budapest and Iceland and Poland I decided to be super lazy and stay in. After the whole semester last year in Asia and the few weekends this semester abroad, the prospect of planning for a trip – packing, finding accommodation, looking up things to … Continue reading

My experience of Teaching Period 4

  It’s the 6th week into the first teaching period I’ve experienced in Maastricht, which means it’s almost halfway through the exchange. Since last time I posted, five weeks of classes have occurred. School work My uni in Australia has a different approach to study than here – I was used to having four subjects simultaneously over … Continue reading

Brussels, England, Maastricht

Hi readers! If you are reading this, then maybe you are thinking of, or in the process of planning, an exchange to Maastricht University. I can verify that it is a worthwhile experience, even if you have to smooth out a few issues before you leave. My name is Kim, and I’m a third year … Continue reading