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I don’t want to say goodbye.

A few days ago, I said my first goodbye. That was not fun. Being cheesy by nature, I gifted my good friend a sentimental message written in a mutually appreciated novel with a polaroid we took together on the last day. With only two weeks left until the end of semester – for some, even … Continue reading

Spring is coming.

End of March 2017. As I predicted, this semester has gone by way too quickly for my liking. I am almost half way through and I have barely had a breather to reflect on everything that has happened. Partially why I’m glad I signed up to write this blog even though it’s a week before … Continue reading

Not just a small town.

It has only been a month of living in this quaint little town and it has removed all doubts about my choice of exchange destination. At first, I was worried about the notorious gloomy weather and how fun the city would be. But, despite it’s small size, Maastricht truly has so much to offer.   … Continue reading


HELLO AGAIN!!! Today’s post is about traveling!! Even though I’m from Europe I have never had the opportunity to travel within my own continent, not even to the famous interRail. This happens because the flights from Lisbon are quite expensive. However, this excuse is over if you come to study in Maastricht. This small and … Continue reading

Super fun happy times

Hello everyone! I haven’t had time to write anything for a long time, but this time it was not the workload that held me back but the huge amount of fun I had! 🙂 I was first visited by a good friend from my home university, and we spent some chill days together: we watched … Continue reading

My last blog

This is my last blog.I even can’t believe that my life in Maastrichet University will come to an end soon.The final exam will come in two weeks.After the final,I will travel for several days in Europe and then back to my homeland.My emotion to this is so complex.On the one hand,the classes in UM is … Continue reading

My experience of Teaching Period 4

  It’s the 6th week into the first teaching period I’ve experienced in Maastricht, which means it’s almost halfway through the exchange. Since last time I posted, five weeks of classes have occurred. School work My uni in Australia has a different approach to study than here – I was used to having four subjects simultaneously over … Continue reading

The arrival of a ‘city kid’

The arrival of a ‘city kid’

After travelling for more than 9,000 km in the air, I finally arrived at the gateway to Europe – Holland. Why did I choose Holland? Convenient and affordable! But why Maastricht? Cuz there are too many people in Hong Kong :p. By the way, my name is Thomas 🙂 Nice to meet you. Thanks to … Continue reading


How time flies! I have been lived in Maasticht for 5 months and this is my last month before I go back home. Frankly, although I miss my family very much, I also can not stop thinking my life here, especially the friends I made here. Life now goes smoothly and I really enjoy it. … Continue reading

Change-Maastricht, 2015

Change-Maastricht, 2015

Time flies so quickly and I have already been in Maastricht for almost three months. I told myself that 2015 would be a year full of surprise and changes before I came to Maastricht and it turned out to be right. Spring comes sneakily, and sunshine is not a luxury thing for Maastricht any more. I feel … Continue reading