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The true value of PBL

Dear reader, maybe you would feel that the timing is not really right , but nevertheless  I will start my last blog with an answer I should probably give in my first blog. One of the top 3 most frequently asked questions for exchange students is: ‘So, why did you choose Maastricht?’ It’s right after … Continue reading

Let’s go to some extra lectures!

Dear reader, nice to see you again! I hope that everything is okay with you, as it is with me. I will dedicate my third blog to extracurricular activities here in Maastricht. If you ever find yourself studying here you will see that you can spend your much treasured free time doing various interesting things. … Continue reading

Robbed and slapped – true or not?

Dear reader, nice to see you again! As I promised in the previous post, I will tell you how I found my room, about an emergency matter with a printer and some newly gathered experiences from biking. My hunt after a room has begun in May and lasted for several exhausting weeks. Ok, not that … Continue reading

I’m back

Dear reader, welcome to my new blog! My task is  to let you know what life is like in Maastricht for an exchange student. I will in fact only be here for a semester, but I obviously decided to give away my thoughts in return for a University of Maastricht hoodie. Do you think it is going to be … Continue reading