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Hard to say goodbye

I think words can’t describe how happy to be here today in Maastricht, fell in love with not only the city but also with the people I got to meet and live with for the last 5 months.  There is no doubt that I have a family here, and certainly will never forget how they … Continue reading

Oktoberfest, hiking and more party!

Ooow life in Maastricht could not be better, but coming all the way from Brasil just builds up an obligation to visit and experience Europe. And so begins the adventures of my first trips. Only took me 10 hours inside a bus to get to my very first destination out of the Netherlands: Munich, or … Continue reading

Finally Maastricht!

Months of planning, chasing signatures and documents, 12 hours on a plane, economic class, huge guy by my side that could only fit in two seats, worst meal ever, 2:30 on a train, actually a little more than that( took the wrong one), carrying my life in a bag….but finally Maastricht. And it was all … Continue reading