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Bidding Adieu

Ten months ago, when I selected Maastricht University in my exchange application, I could scarcely have imagined how the journey would turn out. I had expected Maastricht would be just another modern town, with a stale old university campus, students running around like in any other institute of learning, boring lectures and endless assignments. I … Continue reading

The Travelbug

An important part of exchange is, of course, travelling. If you’re in Maastricht, you’re luckily in a very central location – cities like Brussels, Paris, Frankfurt, Cologne, Stuttgart, and of course Amsterdam are all within half a day’s train journey at best. Berlin, Zurich, Munich, and Hamburg are just a few hours more. Exchange classes … Continue reading

The Maastricht University experience

In my last blog, I promised to dedicate my next post to the university experience, and here it follows. In one way, Maastricht University is unlike any other educational institution I have seen: there is no real, central campus. The university is spread out throughout the city, in little pockets of varying sizes. The pockets … Continue reading

Maastricht – First Impressions

As a child, I was always fond of going on long drives. My parents were both happy to oblige, especially my father, who loved driving. One of my favourite memories from the dim recesses of childhood is of my father parking the car near the runway of the IGI Airport in Delhi, right under the … Continue reading