Little Asia, 2 hours far from Maastricht

Hello, this is Euimin from South Korea. I am so sad that this posting might be the last posting. I only have 10 more days left in Maastricht, so it is time to say goodbye with everything.

The thing is, you who is reading this post is going to start awesome days in Maastricht. And I’m so glad that I can give this tip for you. If you are Asian who missed Asian foods, or if you are interested Asian foods or culture, I want to recommend you Dusseldorf, Germany to go.

The trip to Dusseldorf from Maastricht takes less than 2 hours. Awesome Asian foods are waiting for you there.


1. Korean restaurant “bibimcup” I visited this place and the food taste legit/authentic. The restaurant also plays Korean songs, so I felt home away home. The price is bit expensive if compare to Korea, but we are in Europe, it is affordable.
2. Bubble tea cafe “Teammate” My Singaporean friend highly recommended this place. She said “this place serves closest bubble tea we can get here”
3. Japanese ramen restaurant “Takumi” I haven’t been to this place, so according to Google translate, you can see reviews like; “Incredibly friendly service, very authentic ramen/Japanese food” “The price is appropriate”

And there is also many Asian markets. We do have Asian market called Oriental in Maastricht, but there are not enough Korean ingredients. But here, in Dusseldorf, there is “Hanaro market”. You have definitely heard of this market if you are Korean.

Moreover, there is Karaoke. Actually the price is too expensive to try, so me and my friend cannot get in. But if you really into Karaoke and miss it, you can go there.

I really don’t want to believe that this is my final posting, my last lecture in Maastricht is tomorrow, and I am now on my way back home from my last trip.

I hope you also have an amazing experience in Maastricht. Maastricht is so lovely, mate.


Vrijthof, Maastricht

Do you know that Maastricht turns to festival place sometimes?

We have Vrijthof Square in Maastricht, which turns to interesting place!

If you study in Maastricht in period 1 to 3, you can enjoy Preuvenemint and 11devande11de.

  1. Preuvenemint


At the end of August, Vrijthof Square is full of Jazz. Preuvenemint is one of biggest Maastricht’s festival and only one festival where you can drink and enjoy jazz together. Preuve means to taste and evenemint means an event. Some of Maastricht’s best restaurants or bars sell there food in the form of snack bar. You should buy a card and top up, if you want to have food there. It is quite expensive but it is affordable in the fancy and chill atmosphere. And also the proceeds of this event are fully donated. It is really good way to know and experience Maastricht’s culture.

2. 11devande11de


Have you heard about there is big opening of carnival on 11th November in Cologne, Germany? On the 11th November, whole city of Cologne is transformed for the carnival celebrations. Then, have you heard about the second biggest opening of the carnival is held in Maastricht? You are so lucky that you stay in Maastricht in November. Of course the biggest opening of the carnival is in Cologne, it is really hard to get there and get a room there because all transportation or accommodation is fully booked early.

Last but not least, Christmas market is coming! It will be held in whole December. There will also be a ice skating rink in Vrijthof square. Ice skating rink might make you return to the innocence of childhood. Enjoy the wonderful Christmas atmosphere here in Maastricht.

Who said that Maastricht is quiet countryside? Maastricht is, in fact, interesting, amazing, even romantic place that you should spend your time and you should stay.

Day trips from Maastricht

Hello, this is Euimin again.

As you know, Maastricht is located nearby Germany’s and Belgium’s border. It does mean that you can easily go to Germany and Belgium.

Therefore, I’ve already visited Aachen(Germany) and Bruges&Ghent(Belgium) for a day trip. Let’s go through how I get there and what I did there.


  1. Aachen(Germany)

You can get to Aachen by bus no.350. The bus departs Maastricht station and take you to Aachen! It costs only around €4, and only after an hour you are already in Aachen. In Aachen, you should visit, of course, Aachen cathedral. I took those two pictures at Aachen cathedral. Then I explored Aachen and noticed that there are not many restaurants being opened. For your information, on Sundays, most of restaurants or shops in Germany are closed. Unfortunately, I have visited on Sunday and only the Cathedral and RWTH Aachen University welcomed me. I had dinner at ‘Brauhaus Goldener Schwan’ and came back home.



2. Bruges and Ghent(Belgium)

Belgium, known for chocolates, fries and beers, is always one of the places travelers love. You can also get to Belgium by train, and it costs only €7.9 from Maastricht to Belgium, if you go for GoPass ticket, which is only available for people younger than 26. I visited Bruges and Ghent, for a day trip as well. As soon as arrived, you can see beautiful canals anywhere. You can also have a dinner next to the beautiful canals, and you should try mussels. There are many restaurants serving mussels but the prices are all different, so you should check it before get in. Most people said that one of the best night view is at Grand place, located in Brussels, but in my opinion Ghent’s night view is also nice. Look at that beautiful scenery. Just to say, that day was my birthday and I spent a perfect day in a Bruges and Ghent.

I hope you that this post is well informed about nearby-travel-spots. See you soon!

3+ Things that you should do as soon as you get to Maastricht

Hi, my name is Euimin Chung and I am an exchange student from Korea University.

I really like blog posts like “5 tips” “7 things you should know”, so I also prepare this kind of post. These are tips that would make the start of your Maastricht life beautiful.


  1. To open ING bank account

You might need Dutch account for booking a group ticket(NS train group ticket), using MAESTRO card, transferring money to friends, etc. Since almost every exchange students is going to open a Dutch bank account, you should schedule an appointment earlier. In Netherlands, it is needed to make an appointment before visiting bank. For me, it took a 2 and a half week to open account at ING. On my first visit, I made an appointment. After two days, I visited again(passport and admission letter needed!) and entered some personal information(address, phone number…). Actually, my friend who visited with me successfully opened her account that day. But I should wait for ordinary mails, so I rearrange an appointment 2 weeks later. The staff said she also has no idea with this happening, just saying to my friends “You are lucky.”

And for your information, my another friend told me that with all ordinary mails needed, he can open an account without making new appointment. If you have to open an account, just try to visit there when the bank is empty.


  2. To buy a bike

You might already heard about Dutch bike culture. Bike makes your life in Maastricht enrich. It reduces travel time, improves your health, and saves you money. So, the thing is, you should buy a bike. Since it is really expensive to get a new bike, most exchange students prefer to buy second-hand bike. There are several second-hand bike shops, also on the Facebook(“buy / sell a bike in Maastricht”). Second-hand bike costs about €60~€90.


By the way, if you really want to save money, finding cheap bike, please pay attention here. There is a cool guy whose name Paul selling bikes at a nominal price. I bought my bike from him for €25. He lives Bovenstraat, 3770 Riemst, Belgium. It takes 1 hour on foot from guesthouse to get there. It might be a nice experience going Belgium on foot and returning with riding a bike.


     3. To use Facebook well

Facebook provides tons of information such as ISN events, nearby events, NS group tickets, and so on. These are some recommendations- ISN Maastricht 201X Students, NS Group tickets Eindhoven/Maastricht, Sharing is Caring – Maastricht University, Fleamarket Maastricht.

Also ‘Events’ tap is useful(Facebook > Settings > Events). You can find nearby events, upcoming events, and events popular with your friends. I have been to ‘Preuvenemint 2017’ with getting information from ‘Events’. It was such a nice food, drink, music festival in Maastricht.


     4. More tips…

I have some more little tips to share with you. If you already register the class, and class begins but you want to change because of several reasons, you can just ask school employees for it. If it is possible to change, they will help you.

And do not hesitate to buy OV-chip card. I did, because I thought I don’t need to take a bus and the card is quiet expensive. But I was wrong, and it is way more cheap using OV-chip card.

To change your password of Maastricht university account, using this link:

Last but not least, and to a certain degree it might sound like cliché, let’s be open-minded and be nice.


This is end of my first blog post. I should go to bed because tomorrow I am going to trip with ISN! ‘Discover Holland weekend’ Hope to see you again with more fun things to share. Let’s enjoy life in Maastricht 🙂