As Rihanna wisely said: work work work work


Ok, so I’ve been neglecting my blogging duties lately, but honestly, I am so swamped right now that I try to ditch sleep so I keep up with uni.

Because I have so much to do I can’t decide anymore where to start. Instead, I decided to write a blog post while cramming stroopwaffel (look it up, it’s AMAZING) in my mouth and listening to modern talking (yes, I know it’s weird).

Where do I start?

I’ve done both of my facilitations in Strategic Management. I was very, very nervous before the first one, cause one of our experienced group members got sick and I felt that I would have really needed all the support I could get for the first one. But, against all odds, everything went fine. I managed not to stutter at all, but I did sweat like a sinner in church. The second one was a bit more problematic: Even though we put in much more work, I thought we did a worse job that the previous time. However, our tutor didn’t give us much negative feedback (God bless his sweet soul), so there is still hope that my grade will be all right at the end. 🙂

I also joined LaunchBase Pre-Incubation, a very fascinating entrepreneurship program “for beginners”. So far we pitched ourselves and our business ideas, had a speed business-dating and a presentation on innovation. My biggest concern is that the 6 hours (plus occasional extra work) it takes away from my already limited time will exhaust me even more and keep me from finishing my work for the uni. Anyway, I was very surprised how many of the participants already have established businesses, and some of them are simply amazing. This one girl founded a company to provide small solar panels in Tanzania that are capable of providing a house with electricity. Another person programmed and designed a web platform for sharing study materials. I think I might just be the least experienced member of the group, but such a small obstacle shall not hold me back. I already had some promising ideas and I am getting really excited by the whole entrepreneurship-thing. Constantly having to do something with it mad my brain adjust and ideas come to me more easily than before. I am really curious how the program will go and wether I can actually pursue one of my ideas.

I must admit that the PBL system is less fun for me at this moment than I anticipated. It is quite hard to constantly prepare, and reading the articles is often not enough, you have tons of group work and assignments every week. It takes some time to really adjust to this system, maybe next period I can manage my time better. Last weekend I took a trip to Switzerland so finally I was forced not to learn (I still managed to get some work, though), but sadly that cost me quite a lot of money. It is bad to be addicted to coffee and pay 5(!!!!) euros AT LEAST (!!!!) for every cup. Hopefully nobody will unfriend me in Facebook die to the fact that I haven’t been to a party in 2 weeks (Mom and Dad, I hope you read this and this time you really believe me that I am actually learning).

 Ain’t nobody got time fo more blogging, so see you next time.


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