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Bittersweet Goodbye

It’s the end of May and I’m leaving in about two and a half weeks. I still cannot believe how fast this exchange semester passed and thinking about going home is almost a bit scary considering the fact that I started feeling to be at home here in Maastricht from the very first week on. … Continue reading

Of exams, vacation and people

It has been exactly three months since I arrived in Maastricht and the first period of this semester ended at the end of March. So finally I can draw a conclusion from how the system in university works here. My exam took place at the beginning of April. Scared by the high demands that university … Continue reading

Spring has finally arrived!

One month passed again and it is time for a new blog! I thought about what to write and tried to remember what was kind of a memorable situation or event that I would like to share with you guys. And without hesitation I knew what is going to be a part of that blog…. … Continue reading

First Impressions in Beautiful Maastricht

I arrived in late January. It was rainy, cloudy and cold – nothing new to someone from Switzerland, but also nothing unusual in the Netherlands like I experienced it during the last few weeks. However, the very first new impression I gained was while riding the train: what a flat country! I knew beforehand that … Continue reading