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Period 2 Travels & Reflection

My period 2 courses are much more manageable as I’m adjusted to the teaching style and have been better about budgeting my time. As a result, I’ve been able to travel most every weekend. This period I have been able to travel to London, Paris, Budapest, Prague, and Dublin. I’ve enjoyed each city and country. … Continue reading

End of Period 1

Exam week was very different from my exam week at home.  Having only 2 classes to study and prepare for was nice in comparison to the five or six exams I usually take at my home university. However, there was a lot more pressure to do well since a final assignment or exam is a … Continue reading

Weekend Travels

While classes have required a lot of work outside the classroom, I have still managed to travel a lot and see new places. I dedicate my time during the week to school work and I enjoy my travels on the weekends. However, I’m usually busy preparing for tutorials on the plane and train rides. Some … Continue reading