Great Spots in Maastricht

Hey guys, how’s everything going in the past month?

I can’t believe my exchange life in Maastricht is almost coming to an end!!!

I love this little town so much, and started to feel bad not exploring it enough …

Since we’ve been here for a couple months, there are some cool places in the lovely town, and those places are all must-go spots! Below are my favorite spots.

[Selexys Dominicanen]

Said to be the most beautiful bookstore in the world, and also my favorite spot in Maastricht!!

Just walk in the bookstore, you will find it very historical and amazing.

You can sit inside the café and enjoy whole afternoon even doing nothing (that’s what I usually do 😉 )





Every Wednesday and Friday, there’s a market, you can find almost everything there!

They have fresh fish, meet, fruit, bread, like literally very fresh!


Oh, and don’t forget to try Reitz , they have the best fries , just across the Stadhuis !

[Besiliek van St. Servaas]


One of the oldest church in Holland! A cool church that you don’t want to miss.


The river goes through the entire town, you can easily find a spot and enjoy the view!!


[Helpoort- Hell’s Gate]

Built in 1229, the only remaining gate in Maastricht and the oldest in the Netherlands.

There used to be a black death house in front of the gate, patients had to be delivered through the gate to the house to be isolated, and they never came back, this is how Hell’s Gate got its name from…

Creepy huh? But now it has become a historical site and next to it , you see a beautiful park !


[Fort St. Pieter]

It dates from 1701-1702, completely restored in 2007. You can walk through the corridors and even get onto the top of the fort, near the fort there’s lookout where you can see the town super clearly 🙂


[Grotten St. Pietersberg- Cave tour!! ]

Obviously, it is pretty close to the fort St. Pieter. The underground tour is something you really can’t miss!

They have English tour almost everyday, and you can buy the tickets at VVV ( at the city center ) or just get it at the meeting point. But I suggest you buy the tickets beforehand, you don’t want to go there and find out the tour is full right 😉

This is our tour guide Peter, very humor and professional.


In the cave, it’s really dark, make sure you stick with the group and don’t get lost !  The tour is approximately an hour, 10 celsius all year, you’ll like it !

IMG_4251 IMG_4253

[Basiliek van Onze Lieve Vrouw- Square of Our Lady ]

Yes, another beautiful church! It’s Europe, churches are everywhere!

The church is located in the square surrounded with lots of cafés, bars, after visiting the church, you can enjoy your beer at a random café , they are anyway good .



OK, now , enough of the historical sites, it’s time for some sweets and delicious food in Maastricht !!

[ Chocolate Company ]

Very nice place, the shop itself with cute decoration and chocolate all around!!

You get to pick your chocolate flavour, and put them in a cup of hot milk, how awesome is that!


[ Teazone]

By their name you know they have lots of tea, literally all kinds (with pretty cool names actually )

Besides tea, they have tons of handmade cakes , you can just spend whole afternoon here reading and chilling 🙂






[Wen Chow ]

Best Chinese restaurant in Maastricht I would say! As a Taiwanese student, I sometimes really miss the Asian food, and Wen Chow is the place where I can find the food that make me feel at home 🙂 The food is decent with big protion , moreover, its a Michelin restaurant with reasonable price !! If you like Chinese food, definitely don’t want to miss it!!


[ Bisschopsmolen ]

They have great pies made of fresh fruit, as you can see, and a big watermill behind the shop, a  lovely place and super nice staff!! You can also find some bio food and fresh bread!



Merry Christmas in advanced!

So, at the time I’m writing this blog, Christmas is around the corner, and if you are doing your exchange in fall, you will see lots of Christmas market in Europe, and of course in Maastricht as well. If you are lucky, you might see Black Pete!! The past few months have been such a sweet time in Maastricht, I’ve made a lot of friends from all over the world, travelling quite a bit and enjoyed it a lot. I hope your stay in Maastricht will be as fruitful as mine, and wish you all the best with your exchange life!





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