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2 weeks left

Feeling a little bittersweet that we’re almost at the end of the semester. Can’t believe its just another 2 weeks till my last paper and i’ll be leaving Maastricht! Just when i’m starting to feel this is home, i feel like its time to leave 😦 Nevertheless, will be making the most of my last … Continue reading

End of Period 1

Yesterday, i had my last lesson for Period 1 and i can’t believe how fast the last 2 months have gone. In just another week i’ll be done with my first exam in Maastricht and Period 2 will be starting. Well that aside, i’ve realised over the last 2 weeks that i’ve managed to travel to … Continue reading

Almost a Month

So over the last month or so that i’ve been in Maastricht, i’ve  been trying to travel and do school at the same time which has been quite a challenge! I’ve had to print all my notes before i fly (because bringing a laptop and travelling in hostels is annoying) and read them whenever i get a … Continue reading

First 2 weeks in Maastricht

So its been 2 weeks since i’ve arrived in Maastricht and i am very happy to report that i’m finally settling in! Before coming to Maastricht, i remember reading up on how it would feel moving to a new country where you barely knew anyone but i don’t think anything could have prepared me for … Continue reading