2 weeks left

Feeling a little bittersweet that we’re almost at the end of the semester. Can’t believe its just another 2 weeks till my last paper and i’ll be leaving Maastricht! Just when i’m starting to feel this is home, i feel like its time to leave 😦 Nevertheless, will be making the most of my last 2 weeks here. Top on my list is the christmas market in Maastricht. The Maastricht Christmas Markets are open and they look really pretty!!! They even have a mini ice rink and a Ferris Wheel!!! And i’m also looking forward to visiting one of the parks in the city. Some friends mentioned to me that there were some animals being kept there (i hear there is even a goat)! I haven’t really had a chance to visit it just yet, but will definitely make my way down soon enough!!

This small city has somehow become very much like my second home. So many things about this experience that i’m going to miss but i’ll leave the reminiscing for when i actually do leave.




End of Period 1

Yesterday, i had my last lesson for Period 1 and i can’t believe how fast the last 2 months have gone. In just another week i’ll be done with my first exam in Maastricht and Period 2 will be starting.

Well that aside, i’ve realised over the last 2 weeks that i’ve managed to travel to quite a number of places around Europe but i haven’t really explored the Netherlands. Given that i can’t travel out of the Netherlands as much next semester, i’ve decided that i’m going to make more day trips to see the different places in the Netherlands itself. I’ve recently found about the De Hoge Veluwe National Park and i’m planning to make a trip there after the exam.

Will update the blog with pictures when i’m back 🙂

Almost a Month

So over the last month or so that i’ve been in Maastricht, i’ve  been trying to travel and do school at the same time which has been quite a challenge! I’ve had to print all my notes before i fly (because bringing a laptop and travelling in hostels is annoying) and read them whenever i get a chance. I spend my time on the trains travelling between cities reading my notes and getting my tutorials done HAHA But what surprises me is that i see other students (regular students as well) doing the same. It continues to amaze me how people travel with heavy textbooks (Especially in the Netherlands)!

While studying on trains is not the easiest i think the hardest part of travelling and studying is when i reach Maastricht after a trip. Most of the flights i’ve booked lead to me reaching maastricht just an hour or 2 before my classes start!! So i’ve had to rush back home the minute i land in Maastricht and rush back out again. It’s definitely a rush but i think the extra day i get to travel is so worth it. Since i’ve arrived i’ve been the Brussels, Bruges and London. And soon i’ll be travelling to Munich (OKTOBERFEST!!!) and Barcelona. Honestly can’t wait for all that’s to come 🙂

First 2 weeks in Maastricht

So its been 2 weeks since i’ve arrived in Maastricht and i am very happy to report that i’m finally settling in!

Before coming to Maastricht, i remember reading up on how it would feel moving to a new country where you barely knew anyone but i don’t think anything could have prepared me for this HAHA. Living alone and moving to a new city has been challenging. As exciting as it is to start afresh, settling in will take some time. I don’t think i’ve thought about cooking as much as i have over the last 2 weeks HAHA. Despite the steep learning curve that comes with cooking, my home-cooked meals have improved tremendously!! While it has been challenging, i feel more settled and i’m starting to call Maastricht ‘home’! It certainly helps that almost everyone here has been so incredibly nice to me (I have the best landlords) 🙂 Oh yes and i think i’ve started to get the hang of learning how to ride a bike on the roads in Maastricht. I’m definitely less afraid than i was in the first week i was here.

Nevertheless, meeting new people and learning more about them along with their cultures have been extremely refreshing. I have met people from all across the world and have heard so many things about their lives back home. Maastricht really does have quite a bit to offer in the arts scene and i’m looking forward to attending the documentary festival that starts this Thursday!!

I’ve done some travelling as well! I think that might be one of the best things about living in the Netherlands, travelling is easier because it borders so many other countries. Can’t wait for the travels that i’ve planned over the next few weeks. Will update this blog whenever i can 🙂