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Goodbye Maastricht ):

Hello guys! I’m really sorry for being late on my post again! Exams ended 2 weeks ago, and I’ve been busy traveling ever since! Currently writing this from Cinque Terre in Italy. Exams So… Period 2 zoomed by in a flash. I had global business & strategic marketing, both modules which i am terribly afraid … Continue reading


So.. It has been 2 months since i’ve arrived here in Maastricht, and we are on the 7th week of the first period! And sadly….. ITS EXAMS NEXT WEEK D: I am currently sitting at the library, and it is fully packed with people!! Be sure to pay attention during orientation when your group leader … Continue reading

Hello Maastricht!

Hello! I am Jolin, from National University Singapore (NUS in short) and I’m here on a half year exchange in Maastricht University at SBE 🙂 I arrived in Maastricht on the 12th of August, (orientation only starts on the 28th and so I had a bit of time to go traveling and settle down/explore Maastricht) … Continue reading