Spring has finally arrived!

One month passed again and it is time for a new blog! I thought about what to write and tried to remember what was kind of a memorable situation or event that I would like to share with you guys. And without hesitation I knew what is going to be a part of that blog….

So there was Cantus. I remember that on the very first introduction day the ISN guys told us about this according to them “awesome and unique event”. Tickets for this event were sold out within 20 minutes so whoever wants to be part of it needs to be quick. Due to traveling I could not go to the first one, but I definitely wanted to go to the next one. So due to my roommate I managed to get one of the tickets. And the ISN guys definitely did not promise too much. People were celebrating from the first second on, dancing and screaming (or shall I say singing), as if they were drunk already. But no, since you need to obey the orders you are not allowed to drink if ISN does not allow you to do so. Although the space was supersmall for the amount of people so that you could hardly move, I kind of felt that this was the best organized event so far – great atmosphere, amazing programme and the greatest songs that made me feel a tiny little younger again.  Seeing people drinking beer out of their own shoes as punishment or being saturated with this delicious liquid at the end of the party, yes that is Cantus, definitely don’t want to miss the next one neither!

So I really enjoy everything in Maastricht so far, there is just one thing that I would probably do differently if I had the chance to decide again – only taking one course at SBE! The workload is still really heavy and since we are close to exam week it is even getting worse in the next few days. I mean it is definitely feasible, but when I think at all the parties and events that I missed due to facilitations, presentations or research papers then I wished I had only taken one course this period. Or now that the weather starts getting better it is just the worst to be on exchange and spend your Sunday by writing a research paper while the sun is shining outside. Luckily I’m only gonna have one course in the next period, so I guess that means enjoying Maastricht as much as possible.

This weekend the weather was just perfect, Vrjithof was packed with people, sitting outside and enjoying the sun. All the cute little cafés that Maastricht has to offer are awesome. And one additional advantage that Maastricht has to offer is definitely the central location in Europe – daily trips to Belgium or Germany are easily feasible. Even by bike it’s possible to cross the borders, distances get a different meaning when living in Maastricht. The trips organized by ISN are definitely recommendable as well. Although two days for the amount of cities are pretty short, you get to see a lot in this short period of time and know where it is worth to go back. Definitely plan to go back to Brussels and Rotterdam – amazing cities!

It’s the end of March now, I’m here for almost two months. When I think of going home again it is kind of a weird feeling since Maastricht has become a second home for me. I guess that time is even gonna pass quicker in the following weeks…



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