New Journey

Hello my name is Mirza Lakota and I am an exchange student from Germany from the RWTH Aachen. I am currently studying in the second Master Semester General Management and did not want to miss the opportunity to spend a semester at UM Maastricht. The UM Maastricht has an excellent reputation and with the Problem Based Learning a completely different teaching concept than my home university.

Maybe some will say, because of proximity from Aachen to Maastricht, that it is not a “real” Erasmus semester, but for me it is 🙂 . I saw quite different advantages in this Erasmus stay.


I stayed in Aachen because of the proximity and high rental rates in Maastricht. The other three Aachen students did the same. As I later discovered, there are also some other students who chose Aachen as their place of residence and therefore preferred the longer distance because of the high rental costs.

So now started my Erasmus semester and my first impression was simply said WOW. The people were all very easygoing, it was very easy to get in touch and the university is very international! At UM Maastricht, students from about 50 different countries study. And the Dutch speak all perfect English, no matter if professor or cashier, everyone speaks as if it is their mother tongue, until then I thought my English is good, well … The city is one of the most beautiful cities I have ever seen and has a really good quality of life, I almost regret that I made my decision not to move to Maastricht.


 I have also used the opportunity, since I am already in the Netherlands, for a short detour to the sea, the trip to Noordwijk took only two hours, but it was worth it! An endless sandy beach and the vast ocean. Unfortunately it was a bit too cold to jump into the water, but I will make it again as soon as nice weather is.
My first impression in a few words: international, perfect english, communication, water everywhere, Old Town flair, bicycles!!!

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