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Enjoy your exchange life in Maastricht!

Here comes the last blogging about my exchange journey in Maastricht. 4 Months here passed so fast as if I have just arrived few days ago. As an international student from Hong Kong, it is my first time in Europe, explaining why I’m always travelling around and didn’t spend much time here. (I regret now!!!) … Continue reading

Study in Maastricht

UM is known as the university with Problem-based learning (PBL) way of study. It’s weird and unusual to me as there is definitely no such thing in Hong Kong, even we have tutorials but the style is utterly different. I took the course of Culture, Economies and Politics of Contemporary Asia which is jointly held … Continue reading

Transportation in Europe 

Transport – Train, Flight and Bus  OV-chip Card In The Netherlands, traveling is definitely an easy task to better understand the cities. The most convenient way is to get an OV-chip card at the train station, which is similar to Octopus Card in Hong Kong and simply speaking a transport card. It’s €7.5 for the … Continue reading

Pre – arrival to Maastricht

Pre – arrival to Maastricht Prior to arrival should be the most time-consuming and troublesome period. My To-Do-List is always full and I’m stuffed with here and there.  1. Visa application  Visa is mandatory for stay over 90 days.  MU requires students to have all the documents scanned and sent to the visa office, hang … Continue reading