This past week we got another festival in the lovely city of Maastricht. Honestly, lately Maastricht has been rich with festivals. I feel like every week there’s some additional fun. In the past couple of weeks we had a fair, another festival but with music and some installations, theme park installed at Vrijthof – tons of fun! And lots of pictures on my camera roll as well.

Starting on Thursday and up until the end of the week our Stadspark was turned into a lovely food area. They put a lot of lights on the trees creating a really peaceful and festive atmosphere there. And the entrance was free.IMG_6680

The festival is called TREK-MAASTRICHT and it isn’t the first time it is held here. Last year it was very successful, so this year we were blessed once again with that kind of festiveness.

It is already really stressful time: exams are approaching, a lot of people are leaving really soon, exchange is coming to an end, but my friends and I decided it was worth it to take a small break and check it out, cause I saw the trucks and the lights many times and it was tempting to explore it. And I regret none of it!


The concept is really simple and pretty basic: people come by trucks, they cook food and sell it to you. All kinds of food: there are some national dishes, lots of burgers, seafood. For a sweet tooth there were a waffle truck, crepe truck and truck with coconut pastries. Every vendor payed so much attention and devoted big portion of time to design the truck, you could tell!  Everybody had their theme and style. There were also drinks like flavoured water, gin with tonic, smoothies, beer of course.


I really liked the coconut truck. It was one by two guys who were baking coconut pastries. They had their own coconut paste/ spread type of thing. They formed it with an ice cream spoon, put it on a tray and baked in an oven. They had several flavours: with white chocolate, with dark chocolate, red velvet, with rum and raisins, ginger with pepper and natural one. Those were great. You could buy either ready-to-eat cookies or a bucket of spread and bake it at home.IMG_6689

Another attraction was brought in by children. Girls brought their hula hoops of different sizes and for some symbolic amount of money you could enjoy 10 minutes of hula hooping. My friend said she was really good at it back in the childhood and tried, of course. IMG_6670.JPG

So it was really nice to come to the TREK and enjoy some time spent there. We walked around, met our friends there and joined them. Took pictures, tried some food. It is important to allow yourself to stop studying and just go out. We all agreed it was a good way of procrastination, the one you don’t feel guilty for. When going to Maastricht I did not think it would be that filled with life. And I can’t be more thankful for the opportunities we get here. These events are really cute and special. They create many good memories and they also help to distract yourself a bit from all the stress and pressure we put on ourselves. It is also helpful for those who are trying to find balance between studying and socialising.

I feel I must give credit to all the social events like this one happening here in Maastricht that my exchange has been great so far. It is definitely one of the best experiences I have had so far. I truly love it!


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