Period 5 begins!

Hi again everyone!

We are now in week 2 of period 5, which means we are well over half way through exchange!

I just travelled to Paris and Amsterdam with my parents over the break. Paris was amazing, we visited many tourist sites, ate great food and croissants, and overall had a great time. I recommend going to Paris because not only is it a great city to travel to, but also because there is a 19 Euro bus straight there from Maastricht! Much cheaper compared to the train or a flight! Amsterdam was also a great place to visit (again). If you’re here in the spring semester, I recommend going to the Keukenhof Gardens which are open from March-May, close to Amsterdam. These gardens are incredible, and really show off Holland’s amazing tulips. I can easily say that I have never seen so many tulips in my life! It is not too expensive and is really worth doing the day trip there. I’m even considering going again! Quick tip – don’t go in March, the flowers will not be in bloom! best to go Mid April-may!



It is really great to be back in Maastricht and to see everyone again. It’s amazing how accustomed you become to seeing the people you live with everyday.

Period 5 has begun, this period I only have classes on Mondays and Thursdays, which means I can easily do weekend trips, and even short trips on Tuesday/Wednesday. I think my subjects this period are a little easier, which will make life easier in general.



This weekend, many people are going to Munich for Springfest with ISN. We have all bought german outfits and are super excited for it! On Wednesday 27th April is Kingsday, again we are travelling with ISN to Amsterdam to celebrate. In the next blog I will surely update you on how the trips with ISN were. It seems though, that these trips are worth it, especially since ISN organises all the transport, accommodation etc for us!


That’s all for now!







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