Diego : Presentation and Preparing for Maastricht!

Hello everybody! 🙂

My name is Diego, and I come from the University of Sorbonne in France. I will be studying in Maastricht for one full year, and writing for you about my experiences, my thoughts and the student lifestyle in this city of the Netherlands!

Leaving my house to live in another country is something new for me, as I have always lived with my parents. But even if this situation is new, I don’t feel stressed out, just curious, and willing to live this opportunity that my home university and the Maastricht University have given to me.

  • Preparing myself:


Prior to my moving in Maastricht, I started learning a little bit Dutch three months ago. Some basics in order to deal with my everyday life! I have a small apprehension with the language, but hopefully it won’t be too difficult.

Ik hoop dat de Nederlandse taal niet moeilijk zal zijn want ik wil graag Nederlands in een jaar leren.

Friends and family:

I had to do an internship for three months, so I’ve had only two weeks of holidays so far. I used this limited time to see my closest friends, even though many were abroad, or had to work.

It felt quite strange to leave them and to tell them goodbye. It was unusual and touching.

My family encouraged me, either by phone, or in person, during dinners or everyday. I felt really sad leaving them.


It was a complex thing to prepare all my baggages! I took clothes for all seasons, my coffee and tea machines (I forgot a chocolate machine!): all what I needed for this exciting year!

And well, without going too much into detail (administrative, housing, etc.), I’m am looking forward to arriving in Maastricht tomorrow! I will take some photos and inform you about the big events that will take place.

See you later!



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