Looking forward for current and upcoming periods

 After a huge and demanding first period I feel that I am totally used to the PBL system and therefore, the School of Business and Economics classes.

My first two courses went good, and I am really happy about that. After finishing my exams I was quite unsecure about myself because the fact that you do not do exams prior to the final exam was not common for be. Back in Barcelona, we usually have either two or three mid-term exams prior to the final one. Hence, it allow the students check the exam difficulty and maybe draw an idea what they can expect. Taking the fact that during the period we did not do any sort of exam (only one exercise of the year before final exam) to prepare for the upcoming final exam, and after not having enough time to finish the exam (out of 5 exercises I was only able to do 3) it made sense to be “negative” about my final grade. However, I knew I had worked hard and prepared all the classes the best I could so I needed to forget about being “negative” but thinking on that “positive” facts.

After exams… Cantus!

Even though there are a lot of parties going on during the period, I do not usually go out. However, I like attending special parties like Cantus (organized by ESN) or specific events that are different to the normal weekly parties. This time, Cantus took place during October 31th. Yes! That means Halloween and every people had to dress up for the occasion. As long as I did not have any kind of costume I opened my cupboard and figure it out what to wear last-minute.


If you could not figure what is the costume out, let me tell you that I tried to be a “Zombie Nerd”. We had a lot of fun. We sung the most popular songs and drank a lot of beer. Ad Fundum! was always the move. I can understand that you may not know what that really means, but if I do so is because I want you to experience a ESN Cantus party when you come to Maastricht. Therefore, I will read a post of some of you answering what that means.

I also went out to a Cycling dinner hosted by my swimming team Tiburón. I had never experienced anything similar and had a lot of fun as well. It is nice that I had the chance to get to know more my fellow teammates and talk about anything. What I enjoyed the most was the last house I attended (for the dessert), was a chocolate-cookie mix with a gum eye above that was amazing.


Switching rooms

During last few days, I decided to change my room for the upcoming semester starting on February. My room now it is near the kitchen and if you try to study or take a small nap it may be impossible (although it is possible sometimes). So in order to be more confortable I looked for an available room in one specific corridor of the GuestHouse with bigger kitchen and bigger room (in the middle of the corridor, not right to the kitchen).

Whether you are looking for flats or single rooms in the GuestHouse, I would suggest you to be in the GuestHouse.

Why the GuestHouse?

  • You are with many more people than you would be in a flat = more fun, meeting new people almost every day
  • The GuestHouse staff work so hard in order to make your stay easier and confortable so if you ever have a problem with anything they will fix it. Moreover, they clean the showers, bathrooms, kitchens and the floor every day.
  • Huge Wi-Fi system that works very good and quickly, no need to worry if sometimes the internet went down and the internet company does not answer your calls or does not fix your problem immediately
  • Decent bike park that is safer than parking your bike in the streets
  • Security guards awake the whole night
  • Tennis and basketball courts as well as a huge garden

That is my opinion and what I can say after been living there for almost two months and a half.

Hope you are liking the blog and that my posts are making your decisions easier

I will see you the next time!!



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