A little more about football.

I waited till the last day of the deadline to write my monthly blog, because I was hoping to tell you about our victory against the 5th team in the ranking of FIFA, Belgium (guess which team is the 4th?). We won in a good match in Brussels for two goals to zero, one of Falcao, one of the best strikers in the world.  I am really excited because we play against Netherlands on Tuesday and I am going to cheer my “selección”. It is funny to realize how we are different among all the countries even when it is about supporting your national team. Most of my friends from here tell me that I am obsessed with the Colombian National team, and maybe I am, but it is really hard to understand how they tell to me that a club is more important for them, so basically the games against nations don´t care too much. For me is the opposite, perhaps it is because our league is not so competitive as, if you want to compare a big one, the Spanish league. The reason is easy, the best players are where the money is, and the money in football is in Europe.

In another topic I want to tell you my other trips so far so you can have a big view of the places I visited and have an opinion of your own when you choose your next stop within Europe. Berlin, Barcelona and Estocolm are the places I chose for my next trips, although tomorrow I am going to Warsaw (But I cannot tell you how I enjoyed there or can i?) I have to be honest with you, I didn´t expect much about Barcelona because I only wanted to watch the “superclasico” and that was it, but surprisingly Barcelona is one of the most exciting places I have visited. The food, the weather, the people and the party is amazing! The match, of course, was one lifetime experience, even if Messi did not play that well, because South America say “I am here” with goals of Neymar and Alexis.

In the other hand Berlin was a really cultural city, where I learned a lot, and if you are a fan of the history, you can breathe history in Berlin, and party like the Germans did when the wall felt in 1989. However it is a shame that I had to miss my flight to Estocolm because, like I told you in older blogs, Colombian need visa to enter to heaven. Basically, I wanted to spend Christmas in London, but like the UK does not belong to the Schengen Area, I needed a visa, even If I was staying for 1 week. Now, the funny thing is not even the really expensive price, but the system. Why? Well because I need a visa to travel to London, so I had to deliver my passport in the UK embassy in Amsterdam, but like I am Colombian, I need my passport to travel within Europe, so basically I had to stop my itinerary in order to go to London, hopefully it is worth it.

As conclusion I would like to raise a question, I had a relationship like one week ago, but I think Facebook is the guilty of the break up because it is a source to start the misunderstood or to think stuff that are not real. So, would you agree with me? Is it really community webs like twitter or Facebook a source of disruptive in the relations nowadays? I would really enjoy discussing this in my personal blog.


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