HEY Maastricht!

HEY Maastricht! HEY UM! HEY SBE! HEY all my new friends!

Although I only came here less than a week, I deeply love this city, her tranquility, her beauty and people here.
I am Luo Weiran from China. I know it’s difficult to pronounce it. So just call my English name Abby! I will be in SBE for one semester which now is too short for me as I really enjoy life here.

I arrived in Netherlands on August,25th in Amsterdam. As I have booked the pick-up service before, I received warm welcome from 2 UM students in the airport. It is quite convenient for those who are new here. After two-hour drive, we arrived in Maastricht!

I reserved my room through Maastricht Housing which is convenient and safe. It’s a double room that is fully-furnished. I love my cozy and comfortable home here. Almost everything is provided here, from plates to pot, from lamp to TV. Many exchange students are living here and we cook together.
So if you exchange to Maastricht, Guesthouse is your smart choice!


Before coming to Maastricht, you may hear that it’s a city of bicycle. Only do you come here and have a bike will you know the importance of bikes here. Little girls and boys ride bikes following their parents, primary school students ride to go back home with their friends, the elderly ride bikes slowly— people love bikes here!
It is the best time for me to bike on the street, breathing fresh air, with beautiful scenery everywhere.


I spent quite sometime to find the best place to shop here. As for food, buy it in Albert Heijn(AH) and C100 which is cheaper! As for commodities, buy them in KRUIDVAT and HEMA. I think you can find these stores near your home as they are all big chains. As for fashionable clothes, bags and shoes, just go downtown!
Stores aren’t so dense here but believe that you can buy anything here.

Settling down, the introduction day finally comes. I feel excited to hear the number 380—380 students from all over the world exchange to SBE this semester! What a diversified school I’m in now! And I’m deeply touched by a sentence heart on the introduction Day—Thinking is more interesting than knowing, but less interesting than looking. – Goethe. Being in a new country, living with new people, it’s no short of beauty in our lives, but the eyes for the discovery.


Life is wonderful, you will never know it if you don’t live it.


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