Arrival of an Asian In Maastricht~! (i)

Arriving from Malaysia to Maastricht, 13 hours flight + 2 1/2 hours train from Amsterdam to Maastricht. All the way from developing country to a place where everyone wish to be in! THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES.
For what purpose? To travel. OF COURSE~ nope, to study. :O

I have been reading the blog before I came here and realized there are topics that were not explain here. For example, how do I get from Amsterdam, Schiphol Airport to Maastricht. And thank Google, I found a link that roughly explain where to go; and use to navigate which stations are you in.


Not totally accurate but still a great way to know where you are! On the train there is WIFI to spot where are you now! time to get a smartphone peeps!! Please ask~ where the trains are going, cause I had an exchange friend who took 2 hours of train heading to the north and after 2 hours, realizing she was on the wrong train. 😦
Plan your flight early, so you have ample time to get to Maastricht!
P.s: You rarely see a train coordinator and they seldom go round checking your tickets. So ask the people beside you where this train goes.

Besides that, parents will always worry on how my poor daughter/son is going to handle the big bulky luggage.
No worries, your adrenaline rush will get you there. And there are compartments for you to stuff your luggage in. They even stuff their bicycles on the train, so I’m hoping your luggage is not as big as a bike. So no worries! It was intense with my 28kg luggage bag and another 8kg bag. Well, i TRIED TO travel light. Peeps, don’t bring your “maggi mee” (instant noodles), soup base, weird sauces and whatever type of food you plan to bring from your home country because….
the good news is, there’s an Asian Market (well, the name of the stall is not Asian Market, but everyone calls it the Asian Market)..The real name of the stall is Oriental Mart. There you can find any stuff you want! Even to the weirdest things Malaysian eat, “DURIAN”! (ADVICE ONLY FOR ASIANS)

arriving (49)
So P.S to moms and dads, your child will be in good care with all necessary food supply here.
When I came here, I was really surprise by the diverse culture here. It feels like there’s more exchange students here rather than the real residence here.

Anyhow, back to the topic. When you arrive, there will be so much activities! SO MUCH! TOO MUCH~!
From Pub CRAWL~ to Pub QUIZ and to CANTUS~ just like this page :!/esn.maastricht?fref=ts
and you’re ready to go crazy! You can get to know the city with this great tour guide by ESN. Head out to the street and get familirize with the streets here!!


1) Have some kroket


2) Have some Fritters with Zoulves (stew meat I’m so in love with) and Mayonnaise or maybe curry sauce


3) Have some Pannakokken (it’s pancake)


4) Stroopwaffles (get it in the supermarket here C1000 or Albert Heijn)


And when you head the street, Maastricht’s beauty can’t really be express with words. Awesome interesting beautiful magnificent city and maybe due to the nice people here. I would not say, all of them are nice. But especially the drivers, ANY driver!! They stop for ANY pedestrian. So to act like a dutch, just cross the road even if the cars are coming fast. *Do it at your own risk*

Classes here~
If you’re outgoing and wild, you will like the PBL system. I bet lots of exchange student had written about the PBL, so I’m just going to skip it. PBL not just stands for problem based learning. But also professors being lazy. (it’s just a joke by the native, but your tutors and lecturers are friendly. Just email them and without fail they try to reply)

AND LASTLY but most important of all for people who try to save every cents they could!
Remember to top up your UM card before buying stuffs in Maastricht University’s cafeteria or stalls so that you won’t get charged extra 25% (I think) for your food. I wished someone told me, so I could save up on my FIRST meal in Maastricht University.


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